Collocation Network Equipment I setup for Kennon S. Shea & Associates.
Cisco 7200/SonicWall Pro 4060, Barracuda Spam Firewall, Various Switches.

Need Tech Help?

If you have been given this site you probably talked to me or know a friend of mine that said I could give you a hand. I do work full time as an IT Director for a company and I fit side gigs into my personal time as I can. Give me a shout and I will let you know my availability or I will give you an excellent recommendation as I have many other IT friends that I can give you contact information for.
I’ve been doing side gig computer consulting since 1988.
If you have Computer, Network or Tech Needs, I am here to help.
I can be your Computer-Network Technician/Handyman, Windows Go To Answer Man or Project Manager!
Call me at: (619) 647-6122
Email me at: [email protected]
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Information Systems & Technologies

Onsite Costs:
– $95 an hour on site (2 hour minimum)
– Pre-Paid Blocks of 10 hours – Quoted
Remote Support Costs:
– $25 for first 15 minutes or $55/Hour
– Pre-Paid Blocks of 10 hours – Quoted
Added Costs as needed:
– New Hardware
– New computer parts and cables
– New software licensing
– Cabling an office for Net or Phone
– Office Routers and Switches
– Parking Fees for area
– Additional manpower and Techs
– Anything not covered above…
I live in Murrieta, CA which is central to
Southern California. Outside of SoCal.
Outside of SoCal: Mileage & Travel – Quoted

Professional Experience

I’ve been working full time in Information Technologies since 1992. I took up a hobby of computers in 1988 and setup my first Bulletin Board System (BBS) in 1989. Novell, OS2, DOS, Nortel, Cisco, 3Com Windows Certified Professional since 1999.
A lot of computing and tech hours under my belt from the time I was honorably discharged from the USMC in July 1987.
I specialize in repairs and maintenance that will help keep your business running smoothly and reliably. I will give you options and help to reach affordable and sustainable solutions. Software, Hardware, Network, Telecom, Project Management, Operations …
I’ve Managed/Directed IT and every day Tech Support for: Forte Software, Genesys Telecom, Alcatel, Shea Nursing Homes, Printing Companies, Ice Rinks, Pro Shops, Gyms, Churches, Landscapers, Auto Shops, Medical Doctors & Offices, Dental Offices, Chiropractors, Real Estate Offices & Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Journey, Retail, Restaurants, Construction and Contractors as well as many people with home offices & networks that needed help.

When it comes to Tech, Repairs, Upgrades and Replacements…
I’m here to make it work.