General Maintenance
Repairs and Replacements
Trouble Shooting – Point of Sale
Adding Printers & Peripherals
Software & Hardware Upgrades

On Demand IT

Remote Desktop Support Plan
Onsite Support
After Hours Support
I am your IT guy!

I also have a Network of great Resources!

Windows & Apps

Microsoft Operating Systems
Microsoft Applications
Applications for specific business models.

Cloud – SaaS

Work with Cloud Vendors to setup SaaS, Setup Servers and Cloud Space.
I’ve worked with Cari-Net, AIS, Scale Matrix, Complex Drive for Collocation facilities

Social Media

Current: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Twitter, Parler, YouTube, SnapChat
Old School: BBS, Lotus Notes, My Space.
I also helped manage Journey’s UBB and Internet Operations … Don’t Stop Believin’!

Odd Jobs

Over the years I’ve been involved in many things outside of the normal IT realm…
as business has to find ways to do more with less … I’ve managed construction, transportation, maintenance, new business openings as well as closing businesses.

If you find that you are running into tech troubles at home or in the office, professional technical support from MilesK may just be a real time saver. You may run a small business and need help getting your office computers connected on the same network. Or you may work as an independent contractor or freelance consultant and need your own tech support on demand. Perhaps you only use your computer a few times a week, but wish you had help troubleshooting problems or downloading new software. Whatever your computer literacy level and needs, having to call for extra help or technical support and your own help desk will make your life easier . Technology support services to individuals & businesses on set up, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairs to technology systems, including computers, networks that connect computers to each other and to the internet, and related software applications and other hardware including tablets, smartphones, servers, printers and more.

If you feel comfortable navigating computer systems, you can usually troubleshoot technology problems and find answers to tricky technology questions online pretty quickly. However, some tasks, such as computer repairs and component upgrades or diagnosing issues with home networks benefit from the expertise of someone with specialized tech knowledge or training. I can be your IT guy and help you with things that require the time and expertise. to remove viruses, malware and spyware from your computer, advise you on protecting yourself from future attacks and, if necessary, help you recover electronic data. I’ve helped thousands of people over my many years in IT to streamline computer systems to make them more efficient. I have helped so many people through coaching and computer tutoring, as well as upgrading office software to getting your printer to talk to your laptop, there is no tech problem too large or too small that I have not been able to support or recommend someone in my Network of over 30 years of professional contacts to resolve.

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