After Hours

Our youngest is Mandy! Trudy and I met when I was a Marine back in 1985 and were married in April 1988.
Megan my oldest daughter when she started at Cal State San Marcos.
Mitch and I had a blast getting around and about in all areas of a large stadium concert.
My Graduation from USMC Boot Camp! Ooh Rah!
I joined the Marines the same day I received my diploma from HS at 17 years of age in 1983!
Setting up 2 full racks of servers in a new Collocation space at the old Complex Drive facility.
I have a ton of awesome tech pictures… I’ll have to dig those up.
I was once an employee of Alcatel as an IT/Facility Director. This was at a show in Vegas I went to where I ran into them after I was with Shea Nursing Homes and no longer with the newly joined Alcatel-Lucent. (Which that merger tanked my stock options! Ha ha)
Me with my Trudy!